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What a wonderful morning it was!!

A morning of Prayer, Scripture, 
Music and Reflection

Here is what you said about
When Women Pray... 2013!

“It’s always a special and surprised filled spiritual experience.”

“Woo hoo!”

“Giving joy to God”

“This is the best morning of the year”

“The entire day was so profound!”

“Wonderful!! Premier!! Terrific”” Excellent!! Delicious!!”

“It was an experience unequaled.” 

“It was more than I imagined!”

“It was very healing for me.”

“All aspects deeply touched my heart…Thank you with all my heart…I love this event! Perfect! God bless you!”

“Best retreat I’ve ever attended… Today I found happiness & joy!”


“The unselfish example of giving from all women in this holy place. Such hope you give to us!” “Seeing Christ’s body at work. Beautiful prayer time. Loved the speaker, music, gorgeous baskets, such warmth among the team extended to us all”

“Praise the Lord!”

“I couldn’t stop crying – tears of joy, tears of sadness, tears of love – thank you to all – I am leaving with hope!”


They all joined constantly in PRAYER

Acts 1:14

Please submit your intentions and we will lift them up in prayer
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Prayer Requests